One ticket to all major museums of Saint-Petersburg, including Tsarskoe selo

Tsarskoe Selo (Catherine Palace) is one of the most interesting and historically significant places available to the owners of the City Tour Pass booklet.

By purchasing it, you get a single ticket to all major museums and tourist types of transport in St. Petersburg. More information on the list of such places you can find on the main page of the site.

The palace and park ensemble of Tsarskoe Selo is an outstanding monument of art and culture, which has gained worldwide fame. The center of the ensemble is the Catherine Palace, striking with the variety and magnificence of the decoration of the main halls, among which are the Amber Room, the Throne Room, the Main Staircase and many others. Having come here, you will feel the spirit of the Elizabethan and Catherine’s epochs, get acquainted with the unique collections of painting, arts and crafts, sculpture, weapons, costume.

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Why Tsarskoe selo attracts tourists

The Tsarskoye Selo palace and park ensemble is a superb monument of architecture and garden design dating from the 18-th to early 20-th centuries. A whole constellation of outstanding architectors, sculptors and painters made the ideas of their crowned clients come to life here. Tsarskoye Selo is a cluster of Baroque and Classical architecture samples. It was the first place in the Russian capital where interiors were decorated in the Moderne (Art Nouveau) style.

In addition to the general immersion in the Catherine’s era, there is another main object that attracts tourists so much: here (in the Catherine Palace) is the legendary Amber Room. Her stories are still legendary and controversial: someone is inclined to believe that the original Amber Room was successfully removed and still exists in private collections; someone is convinced that it is saved, conserved and buried in an unknown place; but most still adhere to the opinion that it was burnt.

The Amber Room was recreated again according to sketches and surviving fragments. To It has been recreated by the three hundredth anniversary of St. Petersburg in 2003, and today it is available to visit for everyone.

How to buy ticket to Tsarskoe selo online

The visit to Catherine’s Park is free of charge for the owners of the City Tour Pass. You can buy City Tour Pass ticket book on the main page of our website. There are two options available: adult ticket and ticket for the children from 6 to 16 year old. After adding an order to the shopping cart, you will be asked to enter your name and address. The delivery around Saint-Petersburg area is free – we can deliver City Tour Pass ticket book to your home, your hotel or just state any other convenient option for you. You can buy a ticket online either with a bank card or by paying in cash to our courier upon receipt of the order. If for some reason you are uncomfortable to order a delivery, you can always buy a ticket book personally at other points of sale, for example, at our partners or at the ticket offices of the St. Petersburg Metro at the Admiralteyskaya, Nevsky Prospekt-1 or Moskovskaya-2 stations.

In addition to the Tsarskoe selo, you can visit the other famous sights of St. Petersburg, such as the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Peterhof, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and other museums, which are partnered with City Tour Pass. In addition, you can take advantage of discounts from our partners – souvenir shops and restaurants in St. Petersburg. The savings from the City Tour Pass is up to 47%.

Please note that the visit to the Catherine Palace itself is not included in the summer period and is only possible if you purchase a ticket at the museum yourself.

Location of Tsarskoe Selo and working hours

Location: Pushkin, Sadovaya st 7

The nearest subway station: Moskovskaya

Transport: bus №342, 545

Telephone number and website: +7 (812) 465-94-24,

Ticket office working hours: 09:00 – 19:00

Days-off: tuesday, last monday of a month

Coordinates: N59.715889 E30.3932333

NB! In summer ticket to the Ekaterininskiy palace is not included.