Excursions by Eclectica Guide company

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Excursion to Peterhof

Peterhof is a former residence of russian emperors. Now there are 150 fountains, rocky gardens and palaces. Our excursion takes you to the Grand Palace and fountains in the Lower Gardens.

Working house: daily, 9:30 and 10:15 except last monday of a month
Excursion lasts: 5 hours
Book in advance by phone: +7 (812) 610 05 40

Excrusion to Pushkin and Tsarskoe selo

Excrusion to Pushkin and Tsarskoe selo is a trip to Russian history. You will get to know the history of palaces, literary salons, fountains, the terrors of the siege of Leningrad. In Tsarskoe selo you will visit Ekaterininskiy palace, a masterpiece of baroque. You will see famous Amber Room, walk through breathtaking beauty of Ekaterininskiy park.

Working house: daily at 12:10 and 14:10 except tuesday and last monday of a month
Excursion lasts: 5 hours
Book in advance by phone: +7 (812) 610 05 40


Working hours: daily

Location: Nevskiy prospekt, 44, office 3 (5th floor)

Subway station: Nevskiy prospekt

Telephone: +7 (812) 610 05 40

Coordinates: N59.934753 E30.332919