Historical park «Russia is my history»

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The Historical Park “Russia Is My History” is a ‘live textbook’ that presents the history of Russia and St. Petersburg.

A unique modern complex introduces the history of the country from the ancient times to the present days with a help from more than 900 units of multimedia and interactive equipment.

The Historical Park presents five permanent multimedia expositions:

  • “The Rurik Dynasty” (862 – 1598)
  • “The Romanov Dynasty” (1613-1917)
  • “From the Great Shocks to the Great Victory” (1917 – 1945)
  • “Russia Is My History” (1945 – 2017)
  • Regional exposition “St. Petersburg. The History of Development”

3D reconstructions of famous battles and fights, a unique dome cinema, ‘living books’, historical quizzes, multimedia complexes and scenery, thousands of facts about historical eras and famous personalities.

All these and much more in one spot on an area of about 15 thousand square meters!

The temporary exhibitions hall regularly hosts various thematic exhibitions.

We have audio tours in English, Chineese and French.


Address: 32 Basseinaya Street (building #1)

Subway station: Park Pobedy

Contact: +7 (812) 617-00-90, +7 (911) 120-57-37

Working hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, entrance is open until 19.00 (Monday is a day off)

GPS coordinates: N59.865380, E30.340232