Café Singer

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Café Singer is located in the historic centre of St Petersburg on the 2nd floor of the well-known bookstore ‘Dom Knigi’ (House of Books).

This famous art nouveau building was designed at the beginning of the XXth century by architect Pavel Syusor for Singer (the American sewing machine company).  It is a 7-storey building with a graceful cupola, crowned with a glass globe. The globe is about 3 meters in diameter. It symbolized the worldwide coverage of the Singer company activities.

The building belonged to Singer until 1917 and later it was occupied by the leading publishing company and it’s storage facilities. At the same time ‘Dom Knigi’ also opened here, quickly becoming one of the largest commercial enterprises in the USSR.  The ‘Dom Knigi’ building inspires great affection in all citizens: both those who born in the city of Leningrad and the new generation of Petersburgers. The building is an important part of the city’s architectural heritage and is visited by thousands of citizens and tourists.

Café Singer is one of those unique places in the city which have a genuine Petersburg spirit and a refined vintage style. The atmosphere is casual and the panoramic view of the main city prospect and Kazan Cathedral through the huge windows is just spectacular. People like to just sit here and enjoy a cup of good coffee or a pot of freshly brewed tea. The service is discreetly efficient and the music is laidback. The style is elegant and comfortable: distinctive Venetian green decorative plastering, cosy chairs upholstered in green leather, antique wooden cabinets, fine porcelain and spreading palm trees.

Petersburgers love Café Singer every time of the day and every day at the week: business lunch, meeting up after work, pre-theatre, and en famille at the weekends. It’s a perfect place to take a coffee-break between museums and sightseeing.


Cuisine: european, russian

Working hours: daily, 9:00 – 23:00

Location: 2nd floor “Dom Knigi” bookstore, Nevsky Prospect 28

Subway station: Nevskiy prospekt

Telephone number: +7 (812) 571 82 23

Coordinates: N59.935676 E30.325686