“The most beautiful of the pearls”, “the fountain capital of the world” – and all these titles belong to the beloved country residence of Russian emperors “Peterhof” located 29 kilometers from St. Petersburg. In the parks of Peterhof there are about 150 fountains and 4 water cascades. They have a lot of palaces: Marley, the Hermitage, Monplaisir, stand alone Bath and Catherine’s Corps. The center of the Peterhof emperor’s residence is the Great Peterhof Palace, which opens with its southern facade to the Upper Garden with fountains, the northern one to the Grand Cascade of the Lower Park and the Gulf of Finland.
If the above titles are not enough to decide whether to go to Peterhof, then you should definitely go on a trip there, which is definitely worthwhile, at least just to understand why so many visitors compare it with the greatest European parks, such as the Vienna’s Belvedere or French Versailles.
In addition to the fine walk along the unique fountain and park complexes, Peterhof also offers interesting events and thematic celebrations. Organizers are trying to constantly update the program, trying to make visiting the park more interesting both for adults and children.

The park is closed at late autumn, winter and early spring but you can still visit the Grand Palace of Peterhoff.

Location – How to get to the Peterhof

Location: Peterhof, Razvodnaya st.

The nearest subway station: Avtovo

Transport: Minibuses: K-224, K-300, K-424, K-424А Municipal buses: №200, №210

Telephone number, website: +7 (812) 450-52-87,

Days-off: Monday, last tuesday of a month

Ticket office working hours: 10:30 – 17:00 daily

Coordinates: N59.880825 E29.901575