‘Na Katere’ boat rentals

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Do you want to have new exiting experiences?

Rent a boat without a captain! It is a unique opportunity to be the captain of the boat and take an unforgettable tour along the Neva river and the canals of St.Petersburg. You can see the sights from an unusual angle and also hear some interesting facts and information about them using the audio guide. Our boats are suitable for up to 5 people, have a music system, two comfortable sofas and a canopy against the rain. The boat is well-managable and quite stable on waves.

1. Drive a boat by yourself
2. Route of your choice and unlimited number of stops
3. Go with your company only

You can find detailed information on our website: nakatere.spb.ru


Address: Petrovskaya Kosa 9, ‘Profsoyuz’ yacht club territory

Subway: Sportivnaya

Contact: +7 (960) 283-50-90

Working hours: сall-center (both for questions and orders) works from 09:00 to 23:00, boat rentals are available from 09:00 to 22:30. Available from 01 May to 01 October.

Coordinates: 59.963704, 30.247096