Secrets of St. Petersburg

With City Tour Pass you get 40% discount. Full ticket price is 1250 rubles (750 with City Tour Pass).

‘Secrets of St. Petersburg’ is an entertaining and educative show great both for adults and children over 10. History is not just a set of names and dates in this show. It is a misterious (but not scary) story.

We will tell you about plots, floods, desperate poor people and mighty lords, casinos and madmen and a lot of other interesting stories you can’t see behind our citie’s marvellous facade.

Our heroes are famous polititians and writers of St. Petersburg: princess Tarakanova, Pavel I, Rodion Raskolnikov, Peter the Great and a lot of others. One of the rooms opens a secret of Rasputin’s death. The exit is through a mirror labyrinth.

Show length: 50 min.


Address: Nevsky pr., 40-42

Working hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (open daily)

Discount: 40% – 750 rub. per ticket. (full ticket price is 1250 rub.)

Telephone: +7 (812) 313-07-04; +7 (921)186-62-05

Coordinates: N59.934959 E30.3296143