Terms and conditions

Operator – limited liability company «City Tour Pass», it establishes and sells ticket booklets «City Tour Pass Saint-Petersburg».

Ticket booklet «City Tour Pass Saint-Petersburg» (hereinafter referred as «ticket booklet», «booklet») — is a booklet printed typographically, consisted of the tear-off coupons and a unique barcode. It gives the right to visit the museums and excursions included in City Tour Pass. Unique number and duration of validity are given in the appropriate fields on a cover of a booklet.

Site – operator’s website placed at the internet address: www.en.citytourpass.ru. It’s an information resource about program «City Tour Pass» and there is an online order form there.

Terms of using

Duration of validation of City Tour Pass Maxi (Maxi Pass) is 3 (three) days since the moment of a start of its using.

Duration of validation of City Tour Pass Mini(Mini Pass) is 1 (one) day.

Before the first visit to a museum or an excursion an owner of a booklet should write a duration of validity in the appropriate fields on a cover of a booklet.

Ticket booklet can be activated any day but during 91 days since the moment of buying. The day of activation is the day of a first visit to museums of excursion.

Ticket booklet «City Tour Pass» gives you the right to visit a museum or excursion (included   in a programm) only once and only during a period of validity; gives a right to get discounts for partners, they are mentioned on the Site.

In order to get a ticket to a museum or an excursion you should hand in your ticket-booklet to the ticket-office of a museum, pier or to a driver of a bus. Booklets are accepted only at ticket offices with sticker of City Tour Pass logo:

Our sticker

Tear-off coupon should be in a ticket-booklet till its removing by staff of museums or partners’ companies. Detached coupon is invalid. City Tour Pass is for private use only. Noone but the owner of a ticket-booklet gets discounts.

In shops and restaurants (partners of «City Tour Pass») a booklet should be surrendered before asking for a bill. After this moment you can’t ask for a discount.

Discounts and offer mentioned in a booklet are not totalled with other partners’ discounts.

Responsibility of the Operator

Any informationn in ticket booklet is for reference purposes and it’s valid for the moment of going to press. Operator refreshes information and working hours of museums, excursions and partners on the Site, however, doesn’t guarantee the relevance of information. Recommend to specify information on partners’ sites.

Objects and concept of the special offers given in a ticket booklet or the Site can be changed. Operator and partners have their right to change the conditions during a duration of validity.

Visit of temporary exhibitions and events conducted by a partner, should be specfied with a manager of exhibition or event.

Operator isn’t responsible for providing serviсes in a wrong way or in case of unexpected circumstances and doesn’t refund money. However, Operator does its best to provide quality services.

Suggestions and claims are accepted by phone at +7(812)925-99-15 and e-mail: info@citytourpass.ru.


Return of unused ticket booklets and refund of money are possible only in case of ordering a booklet on the Site and during 14 days since the moment of a buying.

Paid but unreceived order can be cancelled no less than 24 hours prior to the delivery date. No fee will be charged.

Ticket booklet with partly used coupons can’t be returned.

Lost ticket-booklet isn’t refunded. Damaged coupons are not accepted.

For money refund should write to info@citytourpass.ru. Your request should consist: Surname, Name, number of order, e-mail given in your order, the last 4 digits of your bank card number (which you used for making an order), reason for return. Money will be transferred to your card which you used for making an order. Money refund takes 3-45 days depending on a client’s country and conditions of issuing bank.


Price of a ticket booklet can be different depending on a trade margin. Amount of booklets and price should specified at a sales point.


Free delivery in Saint-Petersburg if you order City Tour Pass on the Site and 2 days before delivery date. Time of delivery: 10.00-19.00. In case of full paying, booklets can be delivered at a hotel, to an administrator; to a particular date, no later than 10.00. In case of cash payments to the courier, you should specify delivery time.

Сonfidential information

In case of ordering on the Site, by the provisions of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152- FZ «About data privacy», a client gives any personal data voluntarily. Client gives permission for collecting and maintaining his personal data according to the Law of Russia. Client gives this right in accordance with the Law of Russia. Given personal data helps to be informed about some changes. Collecting and maintaining of personal data is made just for automated processing and following marketing surveys.

According to p.5, art. 21 152-FZ this consent may be withdrawn by a client and with notification of the support service of the Operator.

Operator takes all necessary measures to protect personal date of Users from the unauthorised access, amending, disclosure or deletion.

Operator doesn’t verify given personal data and doesn’t control its relevance, but considers it as a right one. Client is responsible for giving false information.

Сollateral terms

Copying and using of any information and materials published on the Site is possible only with  the Operator’s written agreement


Buying and using a ticket booklet «City Tour Pass» you agree to these rules and conditions.

Convenient and profitable

With City Tour Pass you visit the most important and interesting places in Saint-Petersburg saving about 33%!