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Городское туристское информационное бюро

City Tourist Information Pavilion at Palace Square, Vosstaniya square, St. Isaacs (Isaakievskaya) square.

Мраморный зал РЖД-сервис Московского вокзала

RZD-service marble hall on Moskovsky Railway Station

Касса у Ботного дома

Peter and Paul Fortress: a ticket-office near the Boat House (next to the Peter and Paul Cathedral)

Покупка на ресепшене отеля

City hotels (the price depends on a concierge-service policy)

Кассы метрополитена

Ticket windows of St. Petersburg subway stations (where tickets and tokens are sold) at Admiralteyskaya, Nevsky prospect – 1 (Dumskaya street), Moskovskaya – 2 (Altayskaya street).

stn hotels

STN hotel network central office at 7, Karavannaya street

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